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Poster ID: 7548e9 Thread: No. 1324
File 136478308929.jpg - (86.25KB , 818x800 )

I can't wait to receive my figma Godoka. XD
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Poster ID: 7548e9 Thread: No. 1326
File 136478318162.jpg - (309.89KB , 1436x1132 )
Poster ID: 7548e9 Thread: No. 1327
File 136478320179.jpg - (54.75KB , 720x960 )
Poster ID: 7548e9 Thread: No. 1328
File 136478322645.jpg - (659.70KB , 440x7322 )
Poster ID: 7548e9 Thread: No. 1329
File 136478324871.jpg - (380.18KB , 1200x1600 )
Poster ID: 7548e9 Thread: No. 1330
File 136478329615.jpg - (71.13KB , 640x480 )

Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1319
File 136461209093.jpg - (142.99KB , 601x900 )

Product: Another - Mei Misaki figure
Maker: Art Spirits
Material: PVC
Scale: 20 cm tall 1/8th scale

[Set Contents]
-Main figure
-Face, hand parts
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1320
File 136461216392.jpg - (148.40KB , 598x900 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1321
File 136461223139.jpg - (102.25KB , 601x900 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1322
File 13646122916.jpg - (128.65KB , 603x900 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1323
File 136461237745.jpg - (118.13KB , 598x900 )

Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1314
File 136461081499.jpg - (205.00KB , 690x800 )

Product: Accel World -Kuroyukihime -Death by Embracing- figure
Maker: Max Factory
Sculptor: YOSHI
Material: PVC
Scale: 18cm tall 1/7th scale
From: Accel World
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1315
File 136461114583.jpg - (163.03KB , 530x800 )
Soft black snow embraced by twin black blades.
From the anime 'Accel World' comes a 1/7th scale figure of the heroine, Kuroyukihime! The bold pose is based on the cover illustration of the 6th volume of the original light novel. The figure features replaceable parts which allow you to choose between either displaying Black Lotus and Kuroyukihime separately, or instead displaying them together as a single figure, whereby fans can enjoy having Black Lotus embracing the beautiful Kuroyukihime, ready to protect her from harm.
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1316
File 136461135248.jpg - (173.16KB , 540x800 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1317
File 136461187931.jpg - (121.81KB , 470x800 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1318
File 136461199588.jpg - (147.97KB , 500x800 )

Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1311
File 136461026033.jpg - (92.29KB , 500x800 )

Product: Fairy Tail - Lucy Heartfilia figure
Maker: Good Smile Company
Sculptor: MASA
Material: PVC
Scale: 21cm tall 1/7th scale
From: Fairy Tail
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1312
File 136461049277.jpg - (113.32KB , 480x800 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1313
File 136461066573.jpg - (99.72KB , 540x800 )

Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1305
File 136460893073.jpg - (58.23KB , 550x850 )

Product: Hyouka - Eru Chitanda figure
Maker: Alter
Sculptor: Yuma
Material: PVC
Scale: 20cm tall 1/8th scale
From: Hyouka: You Can't Escape
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1306
File 136460899919.jpg - (82.87KB , 550x850 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1307
File 13646090417.jpg - (89.02KB , 600x850 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1308
File 136460908420.jpg - (85.18KB , 600x850 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1309
File 136460924742.jpg - (83.80KB , 550x850 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1310
File 136460937948.jpg - (79.63KB , 550x850 )

Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1301
File 136460862037.jpg - (132.05KB , 651x800 )

Product: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai - Kobato Hasegawa Nendoroid
Maker: Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Maruhige
Material: ABS & PVC
Scale: 10cm tall non-scale
From: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai / I Don't Have Many Friends NEXT
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1302
File 136460870095.jpg - (117.20KB , 650x650 )
Production cooperation: Nendoron

"My name is Leysis Vi Felicity Sumeragi... an ancestor of the Great Blood Clan of the Night!"
From the anime series 'Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT' comes a Nendoroid of the Kodaka's little sister, the beautiful Kobato Hasegawa!

Her cute goth-loli outfit has been shrunk down, and her different colored eyes look just as cute in Nendoroid form! A special expression and other optional parts are included allowing you to pose her as the anime character she often pretends to be. She also comes with the patched-up bunny plushie she always holds onto, along with the 'An-chan Plushie' which shows just how severe her brother complex is!
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1303
File 136460875174.jpg - (138.68KB , 700x800 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1304
File 136460884269.jpg - (133.25KB , 660x800 )

Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1297
File 136460827012.jpg - (125.80KB , 570x800 )

Product: Vivid Red Operation - Akane Isshiki Figma
Maker: Max Factory
Sculptor: Masaki Asai
Material: ABS & PVC
Scale: 12.5cm tall non-scale
From: Vivid Red Operation
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1298
File 136460844735.jpg - (110.44KB , 550x800 )
"If we're together, we can save the world!"
From the anime series 'Vivid Red Operation' comes a figma of the cheerful main character, Akane Isshiki!

-Using the smooth yet posable joints of figma, you can act out a variety of different scenes.
-A flexible plastic is used for important areas, allowing proportions to be kept without compromising posability.
-She comes with three expressions: a standard expression, a smiling expression and a reluctant expression.
-Her hoverbike 'Wanko' is included along with a Shift:body to show off her body's curves.
-An articulated figma stand is included, which allows various poses to be taken.
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1299
File 136460850680.jpg - (83.15KB , 450x800 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1300
File 136460855628.jpg - (81.13KB , 480x800 )

Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1293
File 136426934513.jpg - (115.82KB , 550x800 )

Product: Little Busters! - Rin Natsume Nendoroid
Maker: Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Hidetoshi Seibu
Material: ABS & PVC
Scale: 10cm tall non-scale
From: Little Busters!
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1294
File 136426955936.jpg - (133.29KB , 640x800 )
Sculpt cooperation: Nendoron

The proud little kitten who doesn't get close to others easily.
From the popular game that recently became an anime series 'Little Busters!' comes a Nendoroid of the main heroine, the cat-loving Rin Natsume!

Her characteristic ponytail, slightly oversized blazer and pleated skirt have all been shrunk down into cute Nendoroid size for fans to enjoy. She also comes with three different expressions including a smiling face, an embarrassed face and a hissing cat face that works perfectly with the included cat ears!

A load of other optional parts are also included, such as a baseball glove and ball so the team can practice, as well as two of her favorite cats - Lennon and Dorj. A cat toy is also included so she can play with the cats, allowing you to recreate even more scenes from the series!
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1295
File 136426959967.jpg - (145.07KB , 690x800 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1296
File 136426965238.jpg - (124.61KB , 600x800 )

Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1290
File 136426890337.jpg - (111.49KB , 600x800 )

Product: Wooser - Ren and Darth Wooser Nendoroid
Maker: Good Smile Company
Sculptor: Shichibee
Material: ABS & PVC
Scale: 10cm tall non-scale
From: Wooser
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1291
File 136426903830.jpg - (100.46KB , 600x800 )
Sculpt cooperation: Nendoron

"Whatever, let's all just let loose!"
From the anime series featuring the 'new hero'(?) wooser, 'wooser's hand-to-mouth life' comes a Nendoroid of the modern-day girl, Ren! She comes with both a smiling expression and a winking expression, as well as an alternate body part which allows you to display her in a sexy swimsuit instead of her normal clothes! Plus even more extra parts are included to display her wearing her hoodie too!

But that's not all - Darth wooser, the silent freeloading creature is also included, and Ren also comes with special parts to pose her in a heart pose together with the previously announced 'Nendoroid Rin & wooser + Mechawooser'! There are all sorts of extra parts to really show off Ren's adorable charm!
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1292
File 136426914042.jpg - (116.07KB , 600x800 )

Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1286
File 136426838750.jpg - (168.82KB , 700x800 )

Product: Lyrical Nanoha - Hayate Yagami Figma
Maker: Max Factory
Sculptor: Masaki Asai
Material: ABS & PVC
Scale: 11.5 cm non-scale
From: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1287
File 136426869383.jpg - (153.04KB , 680x800 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1288
File 136426874642.jpg - (108.34KB , 500x800 )
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 1289
File 136426880326.jpg - (118.87KB , 650x650 )

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