Nekomagic Channel

Welcome to Neko-chan!! by ggt - 09/24/12 @ 04:02 PM PDT #

Welcome to Nekomagic Channel!!! It has been a month since we started to make a figure-oriented image board. After a month of hard work, finally here we have a working board! =D The board itself is totally workable now. But there are still a lot of back-end stuff that needed to be worked on. Please let me know if you find any bug or you have any suggestion to make the board a better place for everyone. =]

I'm working on the layout by ggt - 09/05/12 @ 04:31 PM PDT #

For your imformation, I'm edition the layout of the board so it will look really weird or maybe you will have error loading the board until I'm done. m(_ _.m

Thank you by ggt - 08/24/12 @ 02:12 PM PDT #

We have enough Contributors and Moderators for the board for now. Thank you very much. =D

Recruit by ggt - 08/23/12 @ 12:44 AM PDT #

We need some committed Contributors and Moderators for the board. If you think you can help, please drop me a message in my Facebook. ( Requirement: You need to have a Facebook account because we will have a group there for communication purpose.