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Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 103
File 134990889282.png - (965.80KB , 875x1500 )

Would anyone buy life size moe girl stickers? I am exploring to see if it'll work. I am looking for artists on DA to do commissions.

Stickers can be moved multiple times and stick to most CLEAN smooth and/or flat surfaces. Can stick on walls, floor, outdoors and even on your car (to make an itasha).

Kinda looking for an artist that does something like Yukari below in quality and high resolution.
Poster ID: 0be48b Thread: No. 104
Sounds interesting, yes depending on the price, and the moe stickers available I would buy some.
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 105
@south Pork

lol ^^. you are a frequent visitor of nekochan. Hopefully I will do either this or sell anime merch.
Poster ID: 73b856 Thread: No. 106
I guess it's gonna be really expensive.
The normal 1 time use vinyl stickers that ppl used for Itasha is like US$30-50 for 1'x1'. A life size is like at least 2'x5'. It's gonna cost a few hundreds. =(
Poster ID: 2a1d15 Thread: No. 107
GGT, life size stickers may cost a few hundreds! Ouch, I think i'll pass.
Poster ID: d6be10 Thread: No. 108
A roll of 36inch by 100 foot of special fabric/vinyl sheet is about 290USD (excluding shipping). I am asking a family friend, who owns a print shop, if he has experience working with or has equipment to work with the type of sheet I requested.

I'll probably do 1/4th scale, 1/2th scale and 1/1 scale. 1/1 would average out to be 5.5 feet.

I calculate I can make about 15-16 life sized stickers from 1 roll. 16/290 USD is about ~18 USD for material per sticker.

Havn't calculated in shipping material, cutting/printing costs. If you calculate that in, it shouldn't cost hundreds of dollars. Unless there are a lot of hidden costs I dont know about lol.

Is an example of what I am trying to achieve. That is 90 USD for 60 inch tall. Also, I might put smaller sized stickers on empty spaces to make most of the sheet you'd get.

I have to start with stuff that doesnt require license. Any ideas? lol.

If it costs a lot of money, I wont do it =p.
Poster ID: 6a1534 Thread: No. 111
If it's US$100 shipped for an Itasha vinyl sticker, I think a lot of ppl would be interested. =D

Beside Touhou and original characters, I guess you need license for everything.
Poster ID: 62fc3b Thread: No. 124
Kind of like this....?

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